Truck Racks that work with Tonneau Covers

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Truck Racks that work with Tonneau Covers

There are lots of tonneau cover and rack that are compatible. 

Top 7 Rack that will work with most of the style tonneau covers. When you are planning to buy a tonneau cover and rack or just rack for your truck bed, all you need to do is confirm if your tonneau cover sits inside the bed rail or on top. Once you figure that out it is very easy to find the rack.

1. Back Rack BACKRACK Headache Rack

2. Back Rack SAFETY Headache Rack

3. Back Rack LOUVERED Headache Rack

4. Back Rack OPEN Headache Rack

5. Back Rack THREE LIGHT Headache Rack

6. Back Rack THREE ROUND Headache Rack

7. ACCESS Covers ADARAC Truck Bed Rack Systems

8. Truxedo 1118328 Adjustable Ladder Rack

9. Truxedo 1118402 Elevate Fixed Ladder Rack

The first step is to know if your tonneau cover sits inside or on top of the bed rail. The picture on the left represents the tonneau cover that sits on top of the bed rail and the picture on the right represent the inside rail tonneau cover. Now you know which bracket you need to select in order to install the Backrack correctly.

Note: Brackets are sold separately, Do confirm that you have added the bracket as well.

Tonneau Cover Bracket with Rack

Tonneau Cover with Backrack and Truck Rack

BackRack Tonneau Adapter Kit

Tonneau Cover for Ladder Rack, This can be installed for an inside rail tonneau cover. It could be Soft Roll up, Soft Folding, Hard Roll up or Hard Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover.

Tonneau Cover Bracket with Rack

Below we have shortlisted few of the tonneau covers which are compatible with the rack systems. 

Soft Roll Up Tonneau Covers

  1. TonnoPro LoRoll Soft Roll-Up
  2. Access TonnoSport Roll-Up Cover
  3. Access Vanish Roll-Up Cover
  4. Truxedo Edge Soft Roll-Up Cover
  5. Truxedo LoPro Soft Roll-Up Cover
  6. Truxedo ProX15 Soft Roll-up Cover

Hard Roll Up Tonneau Covers

  1. Truxedo Sentry CT
  2. Truxedo Sentry
  3. Bak Revolver X2
  4. Revolver X4

Hard Folding Tonneau Covers

  1. BakFlip G2
  2. UnderCover Flex
  3. Bak FiberMax
  4. Bak Bakflip F1
  5. Bak Mx4
  6. UnderCover Ultra Flex
  7. UnderCover Armor

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