BakFlip Tonneau Covers

BakFlip Tonneau Covers

There are quite a few BakFlip tonneau covers that are available online. However, the biggest challenge is to find the best one, yet there is not a single cover that can be considered the best of all. So, I have listed the top 5 BakFlip tonneau covers that you should look into. Each cover has its unique feather than the other one. These covers are shortlisted based on customer reviews, price, and durability of the cover.


1. UnderCover Armor Flex

This is the new cover that is made by undercover and has a Line-X coating on top with the new XS 650 which makes this cover strong and durable. It is also a UV Stable. The Armor Flex is pretty much scratch dent fade resistance tonneau cover. It is also compatible with Rambox Truck. You can unfold the cover all the way up to your rear cab so you have complete access to your truck bed. The cover is also compatible with the 5th wheel, therefore it has been the number one BakFlip cover. This cover is made in the USA and comes with Limited 5 Years Warranty. Overall, we would rate this cover 8.5 out of 10.


2. Bak BakFlip MX4

BakFlip MX4 is made by BAK Industries. They are one of the leading tonneau covers brand since 1988. BakFlip MX4 was the number one hard folding tonneau cover for several reasons. The MX4 has an automatic release cable which makes it easier to lock and unlock the cover. This low-profile cover has a matte finish on top which gives a smooth and premium look to the cover. MX4 has the adjustable prod rod which lets you adjust the cover locking position as per your need for full bed access. This cover is made in the USA and comes with Limited 3 Years Warranty. Overall, we would rate this cover 8 out of 10.


3. Extang Xceed

Extang Xceed is the newest cover which was released in late 2019. Xceed is a hard-folding cover with EnduraCoat Vinyl which makes it look like a one-piece tonneau cover. Extang Xceed has a unique four-panel reducing the height so that the brake light is visible. This cover gives you maximum protection from rain and snow and Extang has done a great job in providing a moisture-proof cover for weather resistance. Xceed cover gives you complete bed access for a large load. This cover is made in the USA and comes with Limited 3 Year Warranty. Overall, we would rate this cover 8 out of 10.


4. Extang Solid Fold

The no-tools hard folding tonneau cover by Extang. This is one of the most popular tonneau covers for customers who do not have the time or expertise to install the cover. All you have to do is just drop the cover on top of your truck bed rail and make sure you align the cover properly with the bed rails. Then lock the front safety clamps by twisting the clamp. That’s it, you are done. You can install this cover in less than 5 minutes. This cover does sit on top of the bed rail, which limits you from using bed rail accessories. Overall, we would rate this cover 7 out of 10.


5. TonnoPro Hard Fold

TonnoPro Hard Folding Tonneau cover is one of the most affordable hard truck cover available in the market. This cover offers complete security for your truck bed for a reasonable price of CAD 639. The TonnoPro cover comes with 4 free gifts (tailgate seal, gloves, LED bed light, vinyl cleaner). Not only that it also comes with a Limited Lifetime warranty (10 years) that no other company provides. The cover is tested under an extreme temperature of -40 to 120-degree celsius. The only drawback is that it is made in China, but the cover is built with top quality materials. Overall, we would rate this cover 7 out of 10.

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