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Exhaust System

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  1. AFE Y-Pipes
    AFE Y-Pipes
    Special Price CAD$80.35
    Regular Price: CAD$104.46
  2. AFE X-Pipes
    AFE X-Pipes
    Special Price CAD$981.52
    Regular Price: CAD$1,275.98
  3. AFE Twisted Steel Headers
    AFE Twisted Steel Headers
    Special Price CAD$30.76
    Regular Price: CAD$39.99
  4. AFE Twisted Steel Down Pipes
    AFE Twisted Steel Down Pipes
    Special Price CAD$176.11
    Regular Price: CAD$228.95
  5. AFE Turbo-Back Exhaust Systems
    AFE Turbo-Back Exhaust Systems
    Special Price CAD$365.92
    Regular Price: CAD$475.70
  6. AFE Transmission Pans
    AFE Transmission Pans
    Special Price CAD$536.92
    Regular Price: CAD$698.00
  7. AFE Single-Wall Exhaust Tips
    AFE Single-Wall Exhaust Tips
    Special Price CAD$92.32
    Regular Price: CAD$120.02
  8. AFE Exhaust Tips
    AFE Exhaust Tips
    Special Price CAD$95.74
    Regular Price: CAD$124.46
  9. AFE DPF-Back Exhaust Systems
    AFE DPF-Back Exhaust Systems
    Special Price CAD$547.18
    Regular Price: CAD$711.34
  10. AFE Down-Pipe Back Exhaust Systems
    AFE Down-Pipe Back Exhaust Systems
    Special Price CAD$458.26
    Regular Price: CAD$595.74
  11. AFE Cat-Back Exhaust Systems
    AFE Cat-Back Exhaust Systems
    Special Price CAD$478.78
    Regular Price: CAD$622.42
  12. AFE Axle-Back Exhaust Systems
    AFE Axle-Back Exhaust Systems
    Special Price CAD$367.63
    Regular Price: CAD$477.92
  13. Borla XR-1 Tuners
    Borla XR-1 Tuners
    Special Price CAD$519.99
    Regular Price: CAD$675.98
  14. Borla XR-1 Mufflers
    Borla XR-1 Mufflers
    Special Price CAD$204.09
    Regular Price: CAD$265.31
  15. Borla X-Pipes, Mid-Pipes & Down-Pipes
    Borla X-Pipes, Mid-Pipes & Down-Pipes
    Special Price CAD$71.49
    Regular Price: CAD$92.93
  16. Borla Turbocharger Upgrade Kits
    Borla Turbocharger Upgrade Kits
    Special Price CAD$1,611.99
    Regular Price: CAD$2,095.58
  17. Borla Pro XS Mufflers
    Borla Pro XS Mufflers
    Special Price CAD$131.29
    Regular Price: CAD$170.67
  18. Borla Mufflers
    Borla Mufflers
    Special Price CAD$213.19
    Regular Price: CAD$277.14
  19. Borla Header/Manifold-Back Exhaust Systems
    Borla Header/Manifold-Back Exhaust Systems
    Special Price CAD$1,049.09
    Regular Price: CAD$1,363.81
  20. Borla Exhaust Tips
    Borla Exhaust Tips
    Special Price CAD$63.69
    Regular Price: CAD$82.79
  21. Borla Exhaust Headers
    Borla Exhaust Headers
    Special Price CAD$960.69
    Regular Price: CAD$1,248.89
  22. Borla Exhaust Accessories
    Borla Exhaust Accessories
    Special Price CAD$29.79
    Regular Price: CAD$32.00
  23. Borla CrateMufflers
    Borla CrateMufflers
    Special Price CAD$150.79
    Regular Price: CAD$196.02

Items 1-24 of 30

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